The rules of the game are quite simple and are as follows:

1. Metagame is not tolerated.

2. Character slots are a first come and first serve basis.

3. No OOC drama. The room runs on a zero tolerance policy. You will be removed. However, we encourage in character drama.


It has come to management's attention that players are very personal with one another. This is fine. However, please do remember that we are all adults and this is simply a game. Do not put management in the position to remind you to act your age. 

Please remember the golden rule of roleplay. Your character's actions will dictate reactions from everyone else in the game. Do not put your feelers into the character and expect others to take that into consideration. Management and other characters are not responsible for the actions and consequences of your character on an OOC basis. We strive to create a realistic atmosphere for the game and we expect you to remember this when you are writing your stories. If your actions would damage the story you have set in your head, common sense dictates that you should not be putting it into writing. Think of the action before you present it. 

Happy RPing!