Creating a character should be an easy and painless process, which is why only a few guidelines must be followed to keep this roleplay running as it should. 

Before your character is accepted into the roleplay, one must have the following included:

The age of your character.
Your characters most basic physical features such as height,weight, and etc. This is for reference purposes throughout the game.
A photo of your character. We prefer a real faceclaim to maintain realism of the roleplay.


A NOTE ON SKILLS: Do not take liberties on skills. Please discuss any sort of mastery before the character is created. Management is not responsible for your claims of being the best at anything and being challenged in play. There are no special cases in this roleplay. 

Please note that if these basics are not visible, your character will take longer to be approved. Ask before adding rare weapons such as Velyrian steel, and magical abilities. 

Management is not responsible for you wasting your time by not reading this page and applying it to your creation.